Sunday, May 4, 2014

WEEK: September 13th - September 17th

 MONDAY:  Cheeseburger W/Fries $6.25
~OR~  Ham & Swiss Sandwich W/Soup $5.25
Soup:  Loaded Cheddar Potato or Chicken Noodle

TUESDAY:  Chicken Burger W/Fries $5.25
~OR~  Chicken Salad Sandwich W/Soup $6.25
Soup:  Broccoli Asiago or Chicken Noodle

WEDNESDAY:  Brat Link W/Chips $4.25
~OR~  Grilled Cheese W/Soup $5.25
Soup:  Tomato Basil or Chicken Noodle

THURSDAY:  Hot Beef W/Chips $5.75
~OR~  BLT W/Soup $5.25
Soup:  Italian Sausage Kale or Chicken Noodle

FRIDAY:  Salmon Sandwich W/Fries $9.75
~OR~  Tuna Salad Sandwich W/Soup $6.25
Soup:  Clam Chowder or Chicken Noodle

*Ask your server for a Diner's Club Lunch Card.
Receive a stamp for each lunch.
Buy 12 get the 13th lunch FREE, up to $7.00.
Monday is double stamp day!